A while ago I had a meeting with peers. This felt very good. I also joined a peers group on Facebook.
Because I have no permanent damage from my cerebral hemorrhage it feels like I am not a peer anymore. I almost felt guilty about this. But I feel at home among those peers. Continue reading


Since I feel better, my boys (17 and 18) are more active again. They started skateboarding again. They like it so much that I gave the boys a skateboard/longboard. My daughter (24) is searching for what she likes a bit, she thinks everything is scary so I gave her arm and leg protectors first. She still has roller-skates and can borrow a board from her brothers.

My kids being more active can be a coincidence. But I think it goes together with how I feel and what they have been through with me.
It is a lot. First almost losing your mom and then seeing her struggle to get her life back for one and a half years. So I think they deserved a present.
I am happy they are spending less time behind their computers now and are living again.

And I? I still had inline skates. First I practiced a bit in the garage but I was doing ok. I need some more street experience. I can’t brake so well and that is an important part of skating LOL.

Surprisingly my back feels better too. Less pain and less stiff.
So we all went out together.

The next path

I am searching for how to go further.
How to go further with my life? Which way to choose? Which path to follow? Where do I want to go?

I think I am going to leave the ‘sick’ period behind me. My ears are ok again and that makes a big difference. I am still tired, but that also feels like it is building up again.
It takes time before I will notice the changes because of my medication for my thyroid, but I am positive about this too. Continue reading