Yesterday I had a discussion with my boyfriend. He is a Christian, I am not. I don’t have a problem with it and accept him for how he is and for how he thinks. He says he accepts my way of thinking too, but it doesn’t feel that way.

I see religion as something which some people need. Something which helps this person feels at home. They agree with the morals which come with their religion. It helps them to be able to deal with problems easier. Finding a reason for why things happen. Maybe it gives them a reason for existence. The why and what for they are here.

The book coming with a religion I see as some guideline and history book.
I don’t want to minimalize or contradict someone’s religion or anything. This is just the way I see things. And as long as people don’t harm other people and feel good with their religion, I am all for it.
I also think there are so many religions simply because we all are different.
I do believe that what is in the bible for example really happened and it might even be predicting things. Only miracles are not always miracles and sometimes you have to dig a bit until you find the reason behind a story.

I do believe that the earth is one very big cycle, which is repeating itself all the time. Everything living on it is needed to keep the earth alive. Everything has a reason. Maybe people are needed to get all the materials out of the earth and use them. Like Lava which comes out of the ground when it becomes too much. Or gas leaking here and there out of the earth. Like some kind of pressure relief valve.

At a certain point the earth is used up. All the ice has melted, that for example could create the ark of Noah story again. And after that another ice time starts again.
Everyone is afraid that the sun might explode but maybe it will implode, and therefor gives less warmth which can start the ice age again. Or maybe it just cools down at a certain point so the ice can be created again.
During this ice age all the materials in the earth can grow again and all the surplus of people and animals will die. During this ice age the sun can recover. And after a certain amount of time the cycle starts all over again.

We and all that live is needed to keep the earth alive. And if we die we are just food for the earth again.
Maybe reincarnation even exists, to pass on knowledge which is needed to fulfill the cycle again.

Thinking this way gives me enough reason to exist. I don’t need a religion.

Is this a watertight theory? No. But is religion a watertight theory? No.

Where does the earth come from? It just exists. Just like God just exists in a religion.

I accept that my boyfriend is a Christian. I also think that because of his religion he is such a wonderful man.

But while I am sharing my thoughts with him, he tries to scientifically explain or refute everything.
And this is where the discussion basically was all about.

Why do I have to proof everything scientifically?
If I ask to scientifically explain religion and God, then suddenly it is not needed because God is supernatural.

Something is not right here.
Science can be used to prove I am wrong. But the same science doesn’t have to prove anything on his side.

I think I have the right to see things the way I see it, even though it is not a religion.
Just like everyone else has the right to believe in whatever makes them feel good.

Not everything has to be explained, we don’t even have to agree with each other. But can we at least try to accept each other’s mentality?


2 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. The one thing I am sure about in life, is that God does not exist.

    Some people seem to get comfort from the idea that God exists. Others use God as a justification for imposing their ideas (good & bad) on everybody else. At the end of the day though, God is a mythological concept. He does not really exist.

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