My Weekend

It started out being less than desired on Friday. My ear infection is back again. So that day was a bit less than I wanted.

Saturday I had a nice day.
Together with my father we brought my brothers ship to a place called Lith.


He had something planned in his private life and there was something planned in his working life. But his working plan didn’t work as it should have so than his private plan was about to fall into the water too. So he called me up asking ‘Sis, do you feel like helping me out and do you have time?’ And yes I had the time and felt like doing that.

It was nice to sail again. All my diplomas are put in use again as I did this kind of work for 20 years. But the nicest thing was spending so much time talking with my dad. ‘Quality time’ is what I call that.

Sunday was an in between day. It wasn’t good or bad. I felt my ears again so I thought it would become a bad day but it didn’t. I slept a lot and did some things at home. It feels like I am becoming sick but after a nap I feel ok again. Thursday I have an appointment with the ear doctor so all I have to do is hold on for a few more days.


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