Step by Step

A while back I wrote there wasn’t much hope for my relationship anymore.
Now H. is here. His problems are not solved but at least we are together again.

‘One thing at a time’ is what he always says. And he is right, step by step we will get there.

Medications for my thyroid are being tuned step by step.

My stamina and strength are coming back step by step.

And the biggest step I made is that I am back to work again. GREAT !
It feels like I am part of the living again.

With H. at home doing all needed things there, I can concentrate on my work. It is a different kind of tiredness, irregular hours and even social contacts (lots of talking) can be very tiring. And if at home everything is done so I only have to think about me, I have no reason to complain.

I feel good. Feeling good almost feels scary and unreal but I am so happy about it!


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