A while ago I had a meeting with peers. This felt very good. I also joined a peers group on Facebook.
Because I have no permanent damage from my cerebral hemorrhage it feels like I am not a peer anymore. I almost felt guilty about this. But I feel at home among those peers.

No permanent damage is not really true of course, you always have damage. Even if it is just the experience that life can be over just like that or that it can change suddenly. This experience only changes you already. I am much more sensitive to sugar and fat. I am much more emotional. And there are more of those small things called ‘no permanent damage’. But I have no serious damage.

I feel at home among my ‘peers’ because they are the only one who really understand what I have been through.
A lot of things my peers will have to live with for their rest of their lives, I had to temporarily ( 7 months) because of the operation, my brain was bruised from pushing it aside.

Peers let me know and feel that I wasn’t crazy or feeling sorry for myself.
For a long time it felt like I had to prove I was sick. Nothing could be seen from the outside.
Every story is unique and yet there are so many similarities. This contact and reading/listening to their stories I enjoy. Maybe I can help them with my experiences.
This recognition and acknowledgment is so important.

Finding trust in myself again is what these peers are a big part of and I am grateful to them.


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