5 thoughts on “Contact

    • Hoi Bink,
      Leuk dat je even komt kijken. Als je naar home gaat zie je bij links, de Nederlandse versie van mijn blog en ook de columns zijn in het Nederlands. Misschien wat makkelijker voor je.
      Dikke kus van je tante.


  1. Hi Sonja.

    Did you ever try that READ MORE tip that I blogged about a few days ago…?
    Well I have now worked out how to do it in WordPress.

    There’s an example in my latest blog posting and I’ve explained what I’ve done in a comment, if you are still interested in this.

    I hope it helps.



    • Hi,

      I did try to use the ‘more’ button when you publice a post. This did work in a way that my readers don’t get the full content in their email. But it also showed this ‘read more’ in my post on my webpage and that is not what I want.
      I will look at your latest blog posting.

      Thanks for your help.



      • Hi again,

        I looked at your post and you do use the ‘more’ button I was talking about. May be I should just get used to the ‘read more’ on my home page.
        I suppose you type and at some point you decide to use the ‘more’ button? I typed my whole post and used the ‘more’ button at the end, this way the ‘read more’ will be placed random. I was not happy with this.
        All is new to me too and I don’t have enough time to find out how to do things, so I am very happy with your research :)



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