My Weekend

It started out being less than desired on Friday. My ear infection is back again. So that day was a bit less than I wanted.

Saturday I had a nice day.
Together with my father we brought my brothers ship to a place called Lith. Continue reading


My Comfort Zone

Someone told me yesterday that I might try to step outside “my comfort zone”.
(May be I already started to do that with my almost having a one night stand, ha ha ha)

But what is “my comfort zone”.

My comfort zone is my safe harbour, my controlled life.

All my life I am doing things I need to do, and the time left is for myself. If all the “obligations” are done, than I allow myself to do nice things for me.
And now I have to turn that around, do things for myself first, then what is needed by others.

And what happens? A transitional phase LOL

What I am doing all day now is, do what I have to do then write, do what I have to do then write.
And I am ENJOYING it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My head is spinning, until I collapse ofcourse , but we will see when that happens. I am overflowing with inspiration, I think I can write about any subject right now.
Some people will call it being “creative” , I call it “my weird head”.

“Step outside your comfort zone”, she said………..

She is a great person by the way, she always seems to trigger me. I know she studied to learn how to trigger me, but still, it feels good, there is some kind of connection between us.

But everything I am doing in the last 5 years is outside my comfort zone.

Been depressed………………. very much outside my comfort zone. Depression, going to therapists and all that comes with it , was for “softies”, not for me, I could solve my problems by myself.

Left my husband……………… very much outside my comfort zone. Choose for my happiness over marriage, very much outside my comfort zone.

I got all kinds of diplomas so I could find myself a decent job. Very much outside my comfort zone, I have been a housewife and mom for 20 years. Never really took care of myself financially, now I am.

Being ill for more than a year, not that I had a choice , but very much outside my comfort zone. I was never ill, and if I was, I just kept on doing what was needed. Now there is a brake on my life. And the hardest thing is to keep that brake , applied, otherwise my life goes wrong again.

May be I have to divide it into internal and external comfort zones.

So far, all of my work is on my external comfort zone. The outside borders of myself. Everything around me. The beginning.
And from now on, ( or from the almost one night stand on, ha ha ha ) ,it is my internal comfort zone.

“My comfort zone” hmm………..