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All the Other Good News

The day after I have been to my doctor I visited my parents. The last half year I only could visit them if my sister or parents came and picked me up.
It is much nicer to decide for yourself when you want to go visit or not.
My daughter decided to take a half day off work and join me, made it feel very cozy for me.
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All The Good News

I am allowed to and CAN drive my car again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After an operation like I had I am not allowed to drive for 6 months and they were due this month.
At first I drove a small block in the neighborhood with a friend of mine. Quite exciting. Because I am so dizzy walking I was afraid I would have the same dizziness driving. But I am not dizzy while driving at all. HAPPY was I that day I drove.
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Addition to “Makes Me Insecure”

It feels as if my incoming filters are not working right.
I think the brain normally filter/regulate everything that comes in, I am not a doctor, I only say what I think and how it feels to me, and with me those filters don’t work right.

From everything that comes in, I get the full load.

Sunlight, full load, people who have migraines know what I am talking about.

New sound, full load, if I am used to it I’m ok.

If I look around me, I don’t see 1 building for example, I see all buildings, all windows, all signs, and so on.

I think with the emotions it is more because I am changing.
Instead of keeping my mouth shut, I open it and react, if I get hurt. I need to get used to this behaviour; it is a new feeling for me.
Or may be because the feeling is new, “me” doesn’t know how to filter/regulate them.

Everything feels new, while I am familiar with it.

I will ask at rehab how it works with those “filters”.